Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki, Age, Bio, LinkedIn, Books, Quotes

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki, He is a Masiha of logic. Shwetabh runs two channels, “Mensutra”( which he calls him his main channel) and the second one is “Shetab Gangwar” formerly known as “Men ki Baat”. On both the channels he speaks about a number of topics like P*rn and masturbation, procrastination habit, psychology, advertisements, Bollywood and many more. But whatever he talks that’s insightful.

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

He has a unique way of motivating people which involves motivation with a rant, with insight. His videos will give you a danda but Pyaar se.

Other than making videos he writes books, in fact, he himself calls an author first. His first book was A thousand love letters, and here’s it is the cover page.

In his latest videos he has said that currently, he is working on two more books.

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki, Age, Bio, LinkedIn, Books, Quotes

He also provides private consultation to people. In his one video, he has said that the main viewers of his main channel mensutra is actually European people and he also gets some European clients to consult, those consultations go for weeks or even months.

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Some of his videos in bits and pieces, he has talked about what he has done in his early 20s and his background. In a podcast type video with Abhinav Mahajan and sirhud Kalra, he has said that he belongs from a criminal background. Another video, he said that he had ventured in the business world at the age of 19 and was making a lot of money by his early 20s, but then suddenly due to some reason (which he does not talk about) he terribly failed.

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki Age

At the age of 25, he created his YouTube channel Mensutra and making videos since then and at present, he is 29 years old. He runs 2 channel named as “Mensutra” and “Shwetabh Gangwar”

Full Biography Of Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

No one can answer this question completely unless he himself wants to but he prefers not to disclose himself because he finds it completely useless. I have had many conversations with him when he initially started mensutra when he had relatively less number of followers compared to now and have been following him since then in his group.

To my knowledge he is from Lucknow who eventually settled in Delhi, he started mensutra at the Age 26 at the time when he is clinically depressed for some reason, he has a various set of skills.

He is a writer, singer, musician, YouTuber, brilliant problem solver and has some business as well. he is 6″ 2′ height and extremely hyperactive and highly intelligent man and has been in many relationships in past and he is extremely fascinated about humans and their behaviour and has made many observations on their behaviour which you can find in his videos and clearly, nowhere you will find those observations he made.

lastly, his interests are he loves Anime(full metal Alchemist Brotherhood is his favorite) and watches lot movies as well in many languages and he reads books mostly relating to philosophy, psychology, history, science, and various fiction novels.his favorite Authors are Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, etc.

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Date of Birth/Birthday (DOB) March 21, 1991
Age 28
Birthplace Lucknow, (Hyderabad)
Hometown Lucknow
Nationality Indian
Hobbies Making Videos, Providing Value
Religion Hinduism
Net Worth 1-5Cr. Indian Rupees (Approx)
Wife Michae La
Marital Status Married

Shwetabh Gangwar Books:

A Thousand Love Letters is a book has been published with the title thousand love letters under his name but he doesn’t promote it anywhere because some of the content had been changed by the publishers. He spends most of his time in solitude and I can notice his personality is very dominating and kind of intimidating to the people around him due to his knowledge and clarity he has over many topics.

He claims himself as an Anti-theist and does not follow any religion and the most interesting thing he said about himself in reply to someone on Twitter is he has gained all those skills despite coming from an extremely poor family that says he had self-taught most of the skills he possesses.

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Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki Quotes

“Life gives you two options: either you choose your net worth, or your net worth is chosen for you by others”

“Instead of finding love to be complete, find completeness first, There is no dictionary that says stability requires another person. But stable love requires two stable people, or one stable person and the other aspiring stability”

Shwetabh Gangwar Wiki

“Mediocrity is The Outcome Of Momentary Happiness”

Shwetabh Gangwar YouTube Videos

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